Testing E911 Twillio/FreePBX

Testing with 933:

Twilio has allowed 933 to test your E911 number. You can test any number as much as you need to. It will allow you to test voice going both ways and whether the system is able to identify your address.

Testing with a test extension: You should be able to set up a test phone set it up on FreePBX. This will allow you to test remotely.

Live testing: A live test should be preformed with local dispatchers before it is determined that everything has been set up properly.

  1. call the non-emergency line of the local police department
  2. ask to talk to their dispatchers to schedule a test. They will tell you their testing procedures. In many suburbs, you can test immediately but the City of Chicago will require you to test during specific hours that vary.
  3. Stay on the line. If you hang up, they will try to call back.
  4. Tell them you are running a test.
  5. Expect to be put on hold. If another 911 call comes in, they will put you on hold once they know you are just testing. Be patient.
  6. Ask them to read the address they have coming up. If the address matches, you have successfully set everything up.