Managed Services

  • ​Performing the functions necessary to align the overall IT function with the Client's Business Strategy
  • Internal Client IT Processes and Policies, Change management, Best Practices
  • IT Environment Strategy (i.e. stay on-premise or migrate to cloud)
    • Thin Client vs. Desktop/Laptop vs. Mobile device
    • Discuss and review new solution options
    • End-user device management
  • Strategy for IT supporting business processes
  • Budgeting
  • 3rd-party Vendor selection​​

Centralized Monitoring

Each brand of hardware using proprietary monitoring for their own devices but these monitoring platforms often ignore all other devices.
Financial Analysis Of IT Solutions

Ingest Logs from IT Business Solutions (Cloudflare) being used in your environment and Turn Data into Actionable tasks- The SIEM can ingest logs and data from other data sources/solutions and give IT Departments insight and the ability to make data backed decisions around cost removing uncertainty.
Service Log Consolidation

  • Includes on-premise, data center, and cloud physical or virtual devices and services
  • (i.
Windows Software And Service Installation

As part of normal network operations, new software and services will be installed, and there is value in monitoring this activity.
Last modified September 14, 2021